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Would You Like to Find Sustainable Prosperity?

Did you realize that we can learn through Joy or through Pain? Unfortunately, most of us choose the pain. We decide when our own schemes, plans and strategies have garnered us more and more of the same that we do not want to look for another way.

Conversely, when we are feeling good, when more things are right than wrong, we seem to think by “not rockin’ the boat” we will ensure a never-ending flow of the good times. Our ego says to us “things are fine, don’t go borrowing trouble.” I am not advocating constantly picking and scratching at your life to see what comes up. I am encouraging you to know “this too shall pass.”  Regardless of the form, pleasant or unpleasant: “this too shall pass.”

Impermanence is a hallmark of earth school. Marry this Truth with another Truth: “Divine Universal Energy is always good, all of the time” and the foundation for Sustainable Prosperity is born. Acceptance and peace come to us when we allow circumstances and things that need to drop from us and our life to do so—knowing that it is a blessing as it no longer serves us or others, and what is coming next is “better.”

If you have recently suffered a traumatic event, this feels foreign to you; especially if the loss or circumstance is judged “bad.” I can assure you if you are willing, you can see you had “warnings” or “signs” this situation was not working for you—and you had other “opportunities” that would have worked for you. We have not yet learned how to respond to the Universal “gentle tap on the shoulder.” We miss it. In so doing, we end up feeling like the message was delivered by a two-by-four-across our face. This was not the doing of some malicious force. This was our doing; born out of our ignorance and lack of compassion for our self.

Imagine tuning this ignorance into understanding-- imagine a never-ending stream of guidance, always for your good, always lifting you up, always sustaining-- imagine what you would feel like... While we have sayings like, “It’s all good” in our popular culture (we can orbit the idea), we don’t practice (land on the planet). Sustainable Prosperity is the result of Practice of Universal Truths. I work with my clients to uncover the real self, and to reveal how strong they really are.

Below are some of the Universal Truths I correlate to a client’s specific life circumstance:

  • Know the True Nature of the Universe (good all the time)
  • Cop to what you know (you are held accountable weather you do or not!)
  • Be Authentic

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