Sustainable prosperity is a choice. With each thought, belief, attitude and judgment we choose our life.

Most of us are not taught to be inclined towards Abundance--abundance of Spirit, of Emotion, Of Material and of Intellect. We don't know how to be containers for Joy and Prosperity.  I teach you to connect with your spirit and life of abundance.  Your success with money begins with your relationship to yourself. Understanding that relationship not only affects your financial situation, but also improves the world around you. My work is to help you gain control of all of the above--to provide "Spiritual Life-therapy for Your Mind, Body, and your Money".


I'm Karen Monroy. I think money may be our greatest spiritual teacher. As Tom Robbins says, “More edifying than a stadium full of swamis. Nothing can knock a pilgrim off the path as fast as money.“ I can't tell you how true I find that statement to be in my life, and the life of everyone I meet.

It isn’t about quantity, it is about quality and flow and alignment. What is needed for us to go from good to better to great is awareness. I teach techniques and give tools so that you are always your best counsel in making the choices of Earth School.

Feel Free to read testimonials, browse inside my books and read my blog and e-zine articles. I hope you are blessed by my work.

“What does Karen do?”

When my friends ask what Karen does, I tell them, "exactly what you need, when you need it in the order you need it."

I began working with Karen because I saw the result of her work: I watched a friend transform her life, in a seemingly effortless inspiring way. My friend spoke about Karen all the time and it was clear Karen provided an unimaginable depth and scope of guidance.

Yet, I was terrified to let someone into my life and to be that vulnerable. So I kept up the barrier and told myself I was a successful coach and a successful author; I was doing okay. And yet, I knew I was still missing something. I couldn't name it, other than I knew I was killing myself to perpetuate the success. Tired of feeling that shadow with everything I did, I went on Karen's waiting list.

Today I work with ease and grace. I understand Universal Principles, how to apply them and I am blessed to be living this new life. My one regret: I wish I had done this years ago. My success is Sustainable, my Prosperity is Sustainable (no more debt and twice the income!) and so too, is my love life (finally!) *Stuff* still happens, but now it doesn't stick. Thank You Karen, my heart smiles. ”

-Jennifer P. San Francisco, Ca.

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