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Returning to the Natural Order with Money

Thursday, November 4th, 2010

In my last essay I pointed out the self-evident nature of harmony. Left to its natural course, life has more harmony than struggle. (If you doubt this you might want to read the essay now). If our experience doesn’t match this natural co-existence with all that is, it means we have, in conscious or unconscious ways, veered from the natural Universal Flow.

Separating our self from Flow is commonly done in matters pertaining to the material and especially with money. A key part of understanding Spiritual Principle is It’s Universal aspect. It’s operating in money, health, family, and work-at all times. Understanding struggle and FLOW means you ACCEPT this Truth and discern both your alignment with Principle and miss-alignment with Principle.

There is FLOW. If you doubt there is Flow, I’d like to ask you to explain the constant of change. I hope that hit you like a two-by-four (in the nicest possible way of course!). You can’t live in a world without change and therefore Flow.

Life unfolding is coded in your DNA-both the physical DNA of your body and the DNA of your Spirit. A common reason for issues with money is thinking that flow has solely to do with getting.  I’ll say that again: see if you haven’t mistaken flow for ‘more’.

May I seek first, to use everything, to the highest and best, is an enlightened prayer.

“I don’t have enough money for (fill in the blank)” is not at all the same as, “being responsible for Flow in my life, if this expense is mine to address, and I don’t believe I can at this moment, how am I out of alignment with flow?” Notice the two parts to this: “mine to address” and “in or out of alignment.” This is non-sense to the ego. It would have you look solely at the sum at hand as the problem, and not the pattern of interaction established through choices.

Working with the idea that there is FLOW and more of it than there is struggle, is only useful when you apply it to both the material and the Spiritual in life. Egos want to claim how different the material world is from the Spiritual. Ego’s hold on you depends upon your belief there is no practical application of a Spiritual Principle. Once you begin to apply the Principle of Flow, see FLOW, accept the Truth there is flow-you have invoked a power in your life that will forever strengthen you.

In the hands of ego thinking, ‘responsibility’ is synonymous with blame and punishment. Look at the tenor of our public discourse on the economy: “who is to blame?” is the best the habituated ego mind can conjure! Yes, there are dishonest people and dishonest systems that have not been held accountable, or made amends. But, in some way, we all have participated-driven by fear, unconsciousness, and lack of understanding, all of us have had a part.

It’s being a victim that prevents FLOW. Victim’s blame. Responsible people ask first, “What is my part in this?” before they ask for accountability. Victims want ‘more’ first, rather than seeking to use first what they already have to the highest and best (Your ego might be having a major cow at this point-notice that, smile, and continue reading-do not give it power over you.)

Victims claim, “I don’t have enough money.” Responsibility asks, “How do I get back in flow?” Responsibility is willing to see when we play victim—and apply self-compassion, not condemnation for our previous unconsciousness.

How can you know what right-minded accountability and amends would look like—for others and for self–if you first don’t accept your part? It’s impossible, yet if you honestly look at the public discourse it’s clear that this is what it attempts to do.

Here’s the other major error egos make once you realize you are not victim:

“It’s too late, I’ve made too much of a mess.”  Sigh.

This ego red herring is a last ditch effort on the egos part to keep you hooked in the cycle of powerlessness (otherwise known as the blame game).

The Antidote of course is the practical application of Spiritual Principle: Flow is what is True-and it is true all the time-there is no such thing as no second chance-because there is always FLOW.

The last major hurdle for flow is SUSTAINABILITY. Many have periods of flow (brief or longer it matters not, it’s either sustainable or it’s not) but find there is more ‘out’ of Flow, than ‘in’ Flow. Here is where our consistency in our beliefs about struggle, self worth, and the Goodness of the Universe are demonstrated.

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