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The Power of One

Tuesday, March 22nd, 2011

If normal is insane, do you want to try to get back to normal?

While you ponder this question, I want to highlight the difference between wrong and insane. (It’ll be handy later—trust me.)

Wrong has the potential, when first conceived, to work.

Insane will never work—no matter how much you if this or maybe that, insane has no legs to stand on, and it never will.

But back to normal.

Our collective systems, whether government, healthcare, banking/financial, or education, are not normal; they are insane.

Each system is built to work, the majority of the time, for about 15% of the population, but is postulated to work for everyone. The fact that you’ve been brainwashed along with everyone else to believe you are getting something from these systems doesn’t mean they’re actually WORKING. Think about this: If your car or transportation system only worked 15% of the time, would you consider it useful?

Each system makes a GOAL paramount, not a person.

Each system postulates that the goals will serve a person. But here’s the really insane part: There is no consciousness in these systems. They’re inanimate. Nor can there be a structure of consciousness in these systems. Because they are not living, breathing entities and are devoid of consciousness, these systems are always going to be untenable for the majority of the population most of the time.

Case in point: The goal to design a nuclear reactor that can survive an earthquake up to 7.2 on the Richter scale.

The goal to save people in any earthquake is a completely different goal.

It’s not wrong to build a nuclear reactor to withstand a 7.2 quake—it’s INSANE.

Another case in point: We want to get the economy moving again, so let’s make new markets.

Not a single regulation or change has been made to the previous markets, which allowed shadow trading and buying that fueled the economic collapse. It’s still legal to sell anything; anyone will buy and hedge the bet with insurance. New markets wouldn’t do anything different from what the old markets are trying to do: get back to normal.

Creating opportunities for people to sell services or products to each other is not the same as creating a new market. The former benefits the person who did the work. The latter benefits the person who creates the market. It’s not wrong to support the person who doesn’t do the work—it’s INSANE.

Now, the uber insane part? Your ego invokes an ostrich reflex. “The problem is too big. There is nothing I can do about it,” Ego cringes.

What can you do about the nuclear reactors?

STOP CONSUMING THE ENERGY THEY MAKE. You can seek green energy alternatives. (“OMG,” Ego cries, “It might cost me twenty dollars more per month!”) Tell your ego that your life and everyone else’s is worth it. Reject the brainwashing of our culture that demands the cheapest rate because cheap is better.

No matter where nuclear reactors are located, it’s a matter of time before the insanity of goal renders havoc to living things.

What can you do about the insanity of the economy and politics?

WAKE UP. The world needs conscious people. The world needs you.

Discontinue the mind-poisoning behavior that crap TV causes when it infiltrates your brain. Look at reality drama; its only purpose is to feed your ego’s need for superiority and judgment. The so-called “news?” It is the version of events a revenue power structure postulates for its own benefit. The structure’s M.O. is to hook your ego with fear—albeit at times more obvious than others—but it still isn’t news.

Find accurate sources of news, filled with information from many perspectives and devoid of teasers or pandering to fears.

VOTE intelligently.

SPEAK kindly and loudly—after you’ve educated yourself. The issue will always be one of two things: either LIFE is paramount or a goal is paramount. 

Withdraw support (energy/money) from destructive, negative structures. If it’s Rush Limbaugh and his most recent cruel, hate-spewed diatribe, do not buy the products advertised on the shows. If it’s your investments, never invest in anything that doesn’t put LIFE first.

The how of rechanneling your energy and money will come about day by day as you grow in consciousness; the progress will be organic. Let the arrival of your 401K statement or bank statement serve as a catalyst for you to explore where your money is invested. Ask others at your child’s sporting events if they have investigated in green sources of energy. It can be this simple once we align with the power of Goodness in the Universe.

Above all, regardless of the shell game played around goals and how good goals are, a goal is never life, nor can it ever be. It isn’t conscious, and it will never be conscious.

Say no to normal. Be clear you do not want to return to insanity. You deserve better.

If this concept depresses you, never forget that everything can be used for good—ONCE you wake up. You are life, and where there is life, there is hope.

You are the hope and glory. You are the light. You are the hero.

Just do your part, fully, present, and with all the love and kindness you can muster. You will draw like-minded others to your army of one, and one by one you will change the world.

That’s what saying no to insane normal will do: change the world.

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What is Your Honey?

Tuesday, March 15th, 2011

Watching a beehive bustle can be confusing. At first it may appear as if the activity is for the sake of being a busy bee, but after some time the honey begins to appear and the activity now seems to have purpose—it seems to make sense.

If you look at your own life, and it’s activity, many times our business never produces the honey. Other times, we are thinking about honey and doing research on how to make honey. Sometimes, we are making honey, but it’s hard work and we wonder how long we can keep it up. And other times, we seem to be cranking out the honey—we are “on a roll.” It’s finally all come together for us. Consciously or unconsciously our actions will fall into one of these four categories of honey making.

Here’s what I want you to notice:

We call anything other than ‘the roll’ bad; when in fact, it’s the other three categories that provide us with the data necessary for successful honey production.

We value being busy as a means to ‘the roll.’  This leaves us little room for finding a new ‘roll’ or a new honey.

We lack an understanding of the purpose of “getting the roll’ is to enjoy ‘the roll.’

Quiet mind, peaceful mind, is the only meaningful navigational tool we have to ensure our busy produces the honey. It also ensures that everything is blessed in the production of the honey, yet we don’t thoughtfully consider its place in Sustaining our honey production.

What is your honey?  What is all your busy about?

Some might answer it’s a job, a relationship, a goal. If so, you’ll find yourself constantly doing-constantly worrying about the honey and always needing more honey.

If your honey is Goodness, Kindness, Love, Sustainability, Integrity, you know the reward already—Peace of mind that only equanimity brings.

You can discern if you’ve done your honey production ‘rightly’ by how you feel sustainably. Feeling good for a day or two is the achievement of ego. Dwelling in equanimity is the achievement of Spirit.

I know, you know, all this about doing, and aligning with your honey-but why do you think it’s so hard to practice what you know?

Now that’s something to quiet your mind about– don’t you think?

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