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Below is a collection of our archived audio files taken from seminars, classes and radio appearances we've done in the past. We are constantly adding more information to this page, so check back often! If there is a particular subject you need more information on, please email us

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Dynamics of money and unemployment--If you think, or you have lost your job listen to part two  for some of the best information on how to manage your money effectively.

More than just positive thinking--The much talked about law of attraction is useful in working with money. Many folks go astray when working with it. Put your feet up, and listen in on the best ways to get results.

Lost your job or afraid of loosing your job? – Learn an effective mind set for moving quickly through a job loss and learn to re-think how you can cope and match your expenses to your temporarily reduced income.

College, Kids, Money & the Whole Crazy Thing, Part II – Would you like an effective way to talk with your kids about college? Afraid of doing too much? Too little? Who is going to pay for it? Karen Monroy and her guest career coach Lisa Silvershein help parents figure out how to navigate college bound kids.

Money IQ Skill #1: Make the Most of What You Have – Spend an hour with Karen Monroy working on life changing mindset and tools to keep your 2008 prosperity and money resolutions. Using what you have involves the three areas of competency with Money IQ: 1) Nuts and Bolts, 2) Cerebral/Thought and 3) Emotional/Relationship. Click here to download the Money IQ Skill #1 Workbook for this seminar.

Expand Your Money IQ: Tools & Practical Application – Karen Monroy and guest Dr. Jodi Dinnerman discuss putting the ideas discussed in Smart Women, Smart Money to work in your life.

Smart Women, Smart Money – Karen Monroy's 1 hour teleseminar on life changing mindset and tools to keep your 2008 prosperity and money resolutions. This is the first in a series of seminars from Karen on expanding your Money IQ; helpful for men and women alike!

Karen Monroy guests on "Finding Joy After Relationships Fail" with Maureen Staiano Karen Monroy talks about how finances change when a relationship fails. We each have choices as to how we want to deal with the fear and uncertainty of our financial situation after a breakup or divorce. Karen and Maureen help you realize your possibilities and give you some tools to help move you forward in creating your new life.