Client Testimonials

You can best measure the quality of Karen's work by the level of customer satisfaction she achieves. The following are direct quotations from Karen's clients about her services and the experience of working together:

I am forever greatful for my experience with Karen

Karen changed our life. For 5 years I have been wondering how to get the life of my dreams. I am a smart person. I know a lot about Money. Then I met Karen. She showed me how I only knew one side of money, was having a dead-end conversation in my head. In the process of the "go-nowhere" conversation I was stressing my marriage, my job, my family. I now have a new job, new house, more net worth (double) than I did last year-in a market where there is nothing but bad news! I said it was a miracle. Karen said it was my birthright: to be happy. I am so glad and forever grateful for my experience with her. My partner is even happier. Thank you Karen.

— Matt C. Summit, NJ

Thank you for Being Such a Great Teacher

I know things are bad for many folks. But thanks to you, Dr. K I am doing great. It is a wonderful feeling knowing that I do not have to join everyone in the bad news of the economy. Thanks to you I worked proactively over the last two years to not be caught up in loosing my shirt in the market. My money is aligned with my intentions and I am very happy. Ciel says "your the best".

— Andrew and Ciel  J. -- San Diego Ca.

I Feel Rich!

For the first time in my life I AM Rich, and I Feel Rich! Thank you Dr. Monroy. 

— Craig W. Madison, NJ.

Providing Clarity and Growth

“BTW:  When we spoke last I said something about your being good at connecting the dots for people...actually what you excel at doing is showing them the dots they don't see so they can connect them. “

— JW. Virginia

Grown and Learned more about Myself

Getting a divorce is scary. Not only did Dr. Monroy teach us her “circle” (edit note: there are no sides, like a circle it all comes back to us) we were able to find a way for all of us to get what we wanted—to be able to move on, not “hurt” the kids, and all of us be okay. While there have been painful moments, I have grown and learned more about myself and I have a sense of wellness and health to my life I NEVER would have imagined possible.

— Keri L, San Jose, Ca.

Solving the money problems was just the “surface”

I thought my life was going down the tubes. Money was a huge problem. I didn’t think I could afford Dr. Monroy. She found a way to work with me, and get me to a point where I am happily and easily paying for our sessions together. Life is a mystery that I am now loving. Solving the money problems was just the “surface”—but an important step so I could calm down and “detach” from that voice in my head. Even on the days that seem hard; I feel different –hopeful, excited and so very grateful. Thank you Karen!

—  Jen S. Santa Cruz. Ca.

After Two Years, I am still Blown Away

I attended a seminar given by Dr. Monroy. After she was talking for about 15 minutes, I knew something was different. It was like I was being fed at the deepest level. I was crest fallen when I found out she was full—not taking any more clients! But I went on her waiting list anyway. After a few months, she had an opening – that was two years ago. Truthfully, I don’t know how I lived my old life without shooting myself or doing something else drastic. After two years, I am still blown away with how effortlessly Dr. Monroy “nails it” and is able to always meet me where I am.

—  Marj. F. Livingston NJ

I Feel like I am Finally “Getting It”

I have to say I hate Psychologists. I had a very bad experience early in my childhood. The world of difference in the Spiritual approach to learning about your ego and your mind saved my sanity. I always survive, muddle through—but I was always worrying, fretting and as Dr. Monroy says “borrowing’ trouble and paying interest on it”.

In 6 months with Karen I feel like I am finally “getting it”. In profound ways my life works. I can’t wait for the next 6 months!

— Bill D.  Princeton NJ

Karen Changed Me

It was really hard to sit down and think of all of the ways Dr., Monroy has helped me. I first met her at a networking function. She was the featured speaker. I was “ho-hum” about the topic—and then I felt like she looked inside ME……..knew things about ME that just weren’t possible. After that I was given her name by two different folks I respect when asking for advice with money and my newly started business. I did a consultation with her—and that changed me. I signed up for her upcoming teleclass and that changed me too. Finally, I thought I need to MAKE the time to commit to myself and work with her. I can’t enough encourage others to “just do it”.

I am working on my relationship with money, my money IQ, my resentments that have been keeping me stuck, and my resistance. I can’t wait to get an A plus in resistance!

— Jackie T. Basking Ridge NJ

Thanks for restoring my to my sense of hope and desire!

Hi Karen (or should I be calling your Dr. Monroy?). I wouldn’t write this for anyone but you. I have no idea how you do what you do. Every area of my life that was totally f*$#! Up, is either on it’s way to balance or pretty close to balance. I was so stuck on how intelligent I am, and I ought to be able to figure things out. How DUMB was that! Yes, I am laughing at myself. Thanks for your patience and restoring my to my sense of hope and desire. I have to say I am looking forward to our monthly tune-ups; I have lists of great things to tell you.

— Jess P. Clinton, NJ

She will be the first person who has told you the truth in a long time!

I first started to talk to Karen about financing—what I should be doing. She asked me a few questions, and then said, I won’t do your financing, you are your own worst enemy and I won’t enable you on your road to destruction. I got really pissed and said, “who the hell are you to talk to me like this?” I’ll never forget her response, “I am a joyful, prosperous healthy person who loves life, and who believes that everyone has a life of joy and prosperity waiting for them”.

A voice in my head said, “shut up and listen to her. She is the first person who has told you the truth about your behavior in a long time” Now, 10 year later with 8 years of sobriety I am happily married, run my own business—doing what I love. I still have things I want to do, and amends to make but I was a sorry excuse for a human being—and the difference between where I am today and where I was back then: light years.

— Pat B. Phil. Pa.

If you are sick and tired of being sick and tired—call Karen.

— Sara M. Sarasota Fl.

Learned and Grown so Much

 I am partner in business that for the most part has done well. I have lots to be thankful and grateful for. But somehow I found myself going through the motions in life. It wasn’t what I wanted. “how we are in one area of our life, is how we are in all areas” I heard Karen say on one of her teleclasses. That stuck with me. I began to see in so many ways I was going through the motions. I have learned and grown so much in my year with Karen. I think about the years that were “unnecessarily” spent disconnected from life and vow never to go back to that state again. I have the tools, support and guidance from Karen to be certain I don’t and won’t.

— Sam W.  Clinton NJ

I don’t know how she does!

I am a professional athlete. I needed some help with many parts of life. I began to work with Dr, Monroy on the money parts and could see that it was so much more complicated than that. I have called on Dr. Monroy over the last few years, and I am always thankful for her guidance. I don’t know how she does, but she knows how to distill the “challenge” and the “opportunity” to its core and make it so simple even a jock can do it. (ed: humor is important and laughing at yourself is an essential skill B.F, is demonstrating here).

— B.F.  NY. NY.