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If you are like most folks (90 plus percent) you would answer “dogs” to the first question and “begin with “r”” for the second question.

What is true: yes, statistically dogs are more common on a leash. And no, almost 12 times the number of words have “r” in the 3rd place holder than begin with “r”.

Because of the structure of our brain, we note and perceive the first letter position of our language much more so than subsequent positions.

To answer the above two questions, our brain follows the exact same course: It reflects upon what is stored and the answer is retrieved based upon what was perceived when the data was stored. This system of storing data works—sometimes—when the perception matches “the facts”.

Another way to say this: “everything is relative”.

How this functioning affects leadership and companies:

What if your perception of the goal—is a shadow goal?
What if you are a smart, resourceful, go-getter who is working with-out the tool of “perception”?
What if you could learn to question what is stored in your mind so that you avoided the “20-20 hindsight” learning method?
What if you could shorten the time to market with any product or service?
What if you could shorten your sales cycle?
What if you could increase the productivity of your employees’?
What if your leadership was based upon Power –not force?

Dr. Monroy conducts a 12 month mastery program, workshops and speaking engagements that addresses these questions. For availability and pricing please send Dr. Monroy an email: karen@Karenmonory.com