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Are You a Parent or Guardian?

Most of us are unaware of the depth of our programmed thinking. A young child (this includes you when you were young) has a mind like a sponge. It takes in information via “contrast” and “similar” and begins to make a “map of reality.” If a sponge soaks up red liquid, it doesn’t comment on the color as good or bad or useful; it just soaks up the liquid.

Suppose you come to find out that red is “not your color” but somehow you always end up with red and are mystified every time it occurs. Your “map of reality” begins to look like a place you don’t much like when red keeps showing up to populate it. So you decide red is the problem. The you begin to “resist” the red. Then you seem to get more of it. So now, you really get serious about getting rid of red.

All you really need to do is let the red go and soak up the color (let’s say green) that you do like. It is that easy—boy, is it hard to do. The old red thoughts are practiced and habitual.

If you haven’t guessed it yet—replace lack and limitation for “red” and prosperity and abundance for “green.” Did it click? How do you think about money and finances?

This isn’t about being a victim and blaming your parents or siblings for any of your pain—think about it: If your parents knew any better than to say (for example), “What, do you think I am made of money?” in your responses to requests for “things” they would have!

Releasing judgment and blame gets us out of our “stuckness.” It keeps us from doing the same thing to our children. We all undergo times in our life when we can see the ways we have copied our family of origin’s beliefs, thoughts, and behaviors.

When it comes to finances and money, we find it harder to see how it is woven into our thinking, mostly due to all of the other layers money issues add to our way of being.

No matter the age of your children, you can begin to have a money conversation with them—one of health, wealth and prosperity.

Think about this:

  • Who or what do you believe is the source of your Good?
  • Is your Good finite or infinite?
  • Is that thinking helpful? Does it bring you peace? Do you want to teach it to your children?

Einstein said that we live our life as if everything is a miracle or nothing is a miracle. He also said, “The single most important decision is whether we live in a friendly Universe or unfriendly Universe.”

If you are a fearful, worrisome person, you are not just poisoning yourself, but your children too—even if you intend to protect and help them. Unfortunately, most of us have been taught to be fearful and worrisome when it comes to finances. The news doesn’t help us shift either. In the never-ending war for ratings, salacious, limited and inaccurate information is blasted into our day. We need to begin to see what has become “news” in our culture—isn’t. It is about sales. It is about profits of the news agency. If your intention is to be educated about current events, then it is imperative we connect with Authentic Reporting that gives complete, accurate information that doesn’t leave you with “answers,” rather asking more questions.

I work with each of my clients on the bigger perspective of their life. Everything changes. Change has always been the constant in life and it always will be. Knowing this we are irresponsible to tell our children “I can’t afford that,” “we don’t have the money for that” and so on. We do need to honor the moment and the larger picture by saying, “That isn’t one of our choices today, but lets find some time to talk about how to make that happen.” Or “that purchase isn’t in our budget today, but let’s talk about ways to achieve what you want.” I call this bigger perspective the “God’s-Eye-View,” or the View from Infinity.

It is a perspective of hope, of Infinite Abundance of the Universe, of transformation and our willingness to respond in alignment with our true nature.

If you would like to learn to practice the “God’s-Eye-View” of your life and share it with your children, we can start with whatever age or “problem” that presents itself.

  • Are children going off to college and you need budgets?
  • When is the right time to give them an allowance?
  • How do you teach children to “give” money appropriately?
  • Should you pay children for “chores?”
  • Should children be on “budgets?”
  • Should you “make” them save?

I teach and support parents in looking at their own life, discerning what has worked for them and what has not (mostly any behavior has a positive side and negative side) and how to gift children with empowerment and practices for sustainable prosperity (the Olohne teach the gift of intelligent inquiry is the gift of wisdom).

Children are our opportunity to grow and learn, and in so doing we bless them with our growth, and they bless the world.