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Do You Want to Expand your Money IQ?

There are three essential parts to a healthy Money IQ: Hard Money Skills, Emotional Intelligence, and Spiritual Intelligence.

Some time ago, Dr. Goldman wrote a book called "Emotional Intelligence" (check out my reading list if you haven’t already). The book pointed out pivotal studies citing the importance of emotional intelligence. In fact, intellectual intelligence usually complicates matters for us (Freud said, “Intelligence will be used in the service of the neurosis.”) and what determines one's ability to be successful in life (however one defines success) is their emotional abilities. Amazingly, the plethora of studies and experiences over the last 20 years beckoning us to grow our emotional intelligence has fallen on mostly deaf ears.

In my 25 years of practicing; I can tell you that the smartest folks do the dumbest things. Usually more than once.

That is, until they learn Money EQ (Emotional Intelligence) and Money SQ (Spiritual Intelligence).

We all have the “story of me.” You know, when someone says, “Tell me about yourself,” we answer with some, all or just the appropriate parts of “our story.”  We confuse the roles we play with who we really are. We confuse what we have with our Value and Worth. We mingle our past limitations with our present struggles.

We need to grow our emotional intelligence to free us from the bonds of our “story of me.”

In psychological terms, our life and especially our “money world” is full of coping mechanisms, defensive mechanisms and maladaptive coping mechanisms. We rationalize, justify, minimize and blame—we ride the apocalyptic four horsemen through our struggles, through the ups and downs in life asking, “Why?” These four behaviors are antithetical for a life of love and prosperity and joy. You can’t not have your "story of me" and at the same time be manifesting these states to their fullest. To whatever degree you spot these behaviors in your life, know they are limiters to the life you do want.

 Add to this the mystery of where Spirituality fits into all of this.

Spirituality allows us to know we are always at choice. Those small choices are most often the profound ones. With each small choice we are creating what we prefer, or getting more of what we don’t want. Spirituality grounds us in Universal Truths that, when aligned with, transform our role from story tellers to powerful co-creators who manifest their desires.

“Hard money skills” become the nuts and bolts of your Money EQ and SQ.

You no longer worrying about saving $3 at the grocery store and spend $3,000 for insurance you don’t need. You know what kind of investments you have, and you know they are a match for you.  You know what kind of financing is available and the kind you use is it a match for you. Hard money skills are essential details we learn. As our life situation changes, we may need to learn more of these details.  When we have prepared a place inside us to receive information, we can then use it and apply it. We can, as do nuts and bolts, connect one piece of our life with another, confidently and gracefully.

Discover how Karen Monroy can help you to expand—and learn how to keep growing—your Money IQ.