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Are You at a Critical Juncture?

In the Tao Te Ch’ing, the symbol for Opportunity is the combined symbol for danger and crisis. What our ego minds perceive a “bad” or possibly harmful can become positive transformative lessons.

One can be feeling the effects of a positive side or negative side of a critical juncture. Sometimes we flip back and forth between them. Most of us know on a deep level the profound opportunity for growth when we are at the critical juncture. We may be afraid of it, but we sense that we will be changed...we just hope it is all for the better.

My experience teaches me that while the growth can be uncomfortable, it doesn’t have to be the fodder for “ego crazy”—you know, when your mind is jumping up and down like a monkey on a sofa screeching and hollern’ about all of the “problems” and then for good measure it runs into the future to borrow more problems! My Grandpa always used to say, “you don’t get paid any interest for borrowing tomorrow’s troubles.”

We can move through high growth times quickly and with ease and grace when we learn how to practice staying in the present moment. My clients learn to be successful at this practice because I know "one size doesn’t fit all" and I do not give the same techniques to each client. Rather, each technique is sculpted to work with the client in the best possible way for their current situation.

If any of the following is true for you, I would encourage you to begin your practice immediately.

Are you feeling the effect of the Negative side?

  • Upset most of the time?
  • Can’t sleep?
  • Have a bad feeling at the pit of your stomach?
  • Constantly obsessing and worried?
  • Fearful? Worrying? Hoping?
  • Obsessive thinking about “the problem”
  • Stuck, paralyzed?
  • Feel powerless?
  • Overwhelmed?
  • Stressed to the max?

Are you feeling the effect of the Positive side?

  • You have a sense everything will work out—you’d like to work with the situation more consciously.
  • You have some exciting possibilities ahead and want to be prudent in how you move forward.
  • You can sense the opportunity in your choices, but you need to know which order to make them in.
  • You are working hard on the growth of (fill in the blank) and you’d like it to be easier.
  • Multiple details and opinions are nice, but they are overwhelming your sense of “direction.”

As I said, you may be going back and forth between the Positive and Negative. Regardless, you can do some simple exercises to keep you aware and restore your sense of peace.

Contact Karen Monroy about these exercises and more—the guidance, information, and the tools you need to help navigate your critical juncture—and come out on the positive side.