Dr. Monroy’s services cover both Strategic and Tactical needs.

Tactical needs should be identified after the strategic or long term needs and goals are identified. Tactical needs may include financing, tax, investment, savings, and real estate assessments. Just about everyone will answer "yes" to one or more of the strategic questions below. I invite you to browse the four questions and email me to find out how my services are tailored to help clients expand their Money IQ.

Does your company or business need clarity, inspiration, and a fresh perspective?

Dr. Monroy’s client list includes telecom, pharmaceutical, non-profit, educational institutions, and solo-entrepreneurs.

Ready for a test?

Which is more common: cats on a leash or dogs on a leash?

Which is more common: words that begin with the letter “r” or words with “r” in the 3rd position?

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Dr. Monroy’s services cover both Strategic and Tactical needs. If you need practical help with your money, Karen's knowledge and experience represent the perfect way for you to move forward, gain confidence, and take control. Tactical needs may include financing, tax, investment, savings, and real estate assessments.
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Does your life seem at a crossroads? Are you afraid if you make the wrong decision, it will have lifetime adverse effects? Maybe you're starting a new business, getting married, getting divorced, just got laid off, buying a house…life changes require new ways of looking at your situation. I'll help you get the groundwork laid for future security—don't wait for a crisis to happen!
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Today's financial market is ever-changing and confusing. Mystified? Confused? You're certainly not alone. Perhaps you're looking to buy your first home, or considering an investment property. Or current events have you feeling skittish. I'll arm you with the knowledge and intelligence you'll need to navigate your latest financial adventure.
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Sustainable Prosperity. Sounds wonderful, right? It is! You already know what "prosperity" is. "Sustainabilty" allows it to endure with ease and grace, in a capacity that is self-enriching such that it can be maintained indefinitely. We'll talk about the holistic relationship between your inner and outer life, leading you to the path of money AND happiness.
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Karen teaches "strategic parenting"—moving towards effective coaching and away from "because I said so!" It is never too early (or too late!) to teach your kids important concepts: delayed gratification, how to practice saving, reach financial goals, enjoy giving and employment. Karen can counsel you on making the best decisions for you and your family, from child care to tuiton to elder care.
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Karen Monroy is available for seminars, keynotes, presentations, and other speaking engagements, where she covers a broad range of topics related to her work.
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