Sustainable Prosperity
Aligning Spirit and the World of Form


December 30th, 2010

If I could give you only one blessing, it would be Awareness.

Nothing changes with out it-no matter how good your intentions are. It also allows you to co-create what you want with ease and grace.

If you only have one resolution let it be to align what you do so that you have more Awareness. My top awareness do’s :

1. Quiet mind/meditation/prayer (start with 5 minutes and work up to 30)

2. Journaling daily (include a gratitude journal)

3. Observer/watcher. (non-judgmental watching of how you interact and engage life)

No Matter what you want in 2011, it won’t happen in the highest and best for you and other without Awareness.

May 2011 Be a Blessing.


Returning to the Natural Order with Money

November 4th, 2010

In my last essay I pointed out the self-evident nature of harmony. Left to its natural course, life has more harmony than struggle. (If you doubt this you might want to read the essay now). If our experience doesn’t match this natural co-existence with all that is, it means we have, in conscious or unconscious ways, veered from the natural Universal Flow.

Separating our self from Flow is commonly done in matters pertaining to the material and especially with money. A key part of understanding Spiritual Principle is It’s Universal aspect. It’s operating in money, health, family, and work-at all times. Understanding struggle and FLOW means you ACCEPT this Truth and discern both your alignment with Principle and miss-alignment with Principle.

There is FLOW. If you doubt there is Flow, I’d like to ask you to explain the constant of change. I hope that hit you like a two-by-four (in the nicest possible way of course!). You can’t live in a world without change and therefore Flow.

Life unfolding is coded in your DNA-both the physical DNA of your body and the DNA of your Spirit. A common reason for issues with money is thinking that flow has solely to do with getting.  I’ll say that again: see if you haven’t mistaken flow for ‘more’.

May I seek first, to use everything, to the highest and best, is an enlightened prayer.

“I don’t have enough money for (fill in the blank)” is not at all the same as, “being responsible for Flow in my life, if this expense is mine to address, and I don’t believe I can at this moment, how am I out of alignment with flow?” Notice the two parts to this: “mine to address” and “in or out of alignment.” This is non-sense to the ego. It would have you look solely at the sum at hand as the problem, and not the pattern of interaction established through choices.

Working with the idea that there is FLOW and more of it than there is struggle, is only useful when you apply it to both the material and the Spiritual in life. Egos want to claim how different the material world is from the Spiritual. Ego’s hold on you depends upon your belief there is no practical application of a Spiritual Principle. Once you begin to apply the Principle of Flow, see FLOW, accept the Truth there is flow-you have invoked a power in your life that will forever strengthen you.

In the hands of ego thinking, ‘responsibility’ is synonymous with blame and punishment. Look at the tenor of our public discourse on the economy: “who is to blame?” is the best the habituated ego mind can conjure! Yes, there are dishonest people and dishonest systems that have not been held accountable, or made amends. But, in some way, we all have participated-driven by fear, unconsciousness, and lack of understanding, all of us have had a part.

It’s being a victim that prevents FLOW. Victim’s blame. Responsible people ask first, “What is my part in this?” before they ask for accountability. Victims want ‘more’ first, rather than seeking to use first what they already have to the highest and best (Your ego might be having a major cow at this point-notice that, smile, and continue reading-do not give it power over you.)

Victims claim, “I don’t have enough money.” Responsibility asks, “How do I get back in flow?” Responsibility is willing to see when we play victim—and apply self-compassion, not condemnation for our previous unconsciousness.

How can you know what right-minded accountability and amends would look like—for others and for self–if you first don’t accept your part? It’s impossible, yet if you honestly look at the public discourse it’s clear that this is what it attempts to do.

Here’s the other major error egos make once you realize you are not victim:

“It’s too late, I’ve made too much of a mess.”  Sigh.

This ego red herring is a last ditch effort on the egos part to keep you hooked in the cycle of powerlessness (otherwise known as the blame game).

The Antidote of course is the practical application of Spiritual Principle: Flow is what is True-and it is true all the time-there is no such thing as no second chance-because there is always FLOW.

The last major hurdle for flow is SUSTAINABILITY. Many have periods of flow (brief or longer it matters not, it’s either sustainable or it’s not) but find there is more ‘out’ of Flow, than ‘in’ Flow. Here is where our consistency in our beliefs about struggle, self worth, and the Goodness of the Universe are demonstrated.

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Is Life Hard?

October 27th, 2010

Do you ever think: “life is hard-that’s just how it is?”

Man postulates about nature, “it’s eat or be eaten.” It’s representative of a traditional belief that life is a struggle. Do you remember the bumper sticker: “Life is hard and then you die?”

I know I’ve had my struggles, I’m sure you have too-none of us seem to get through life without them.

I’ll tell you something about struggle I’ve really been learning these last few years: deep inside each of us is a belief that life is hard. And it’s actually this unquestioned belief that makes the hard—harder.

When I first started coming to terms with this belief-life was much harder than it is now. I didn’t want the hard, and the more I tried to wiggle, push and thwart the hard the more it seemed to stay. And when the hard did clear—I was aware enough to notice I was always on the lookout for it to show up again.

So I had two problems: one was a unquestioned belief; life was hard, the other; fighting life-because it was hard! I’m reminded of the teaching, “that which you resist will persist.” One of my greatest discoveries is no one is exempt from the life is hard belief and the resistance/persistence and everyone is tangled up by these twin threads in the ego’s spider-web.

I was working with the Spiritual Teaching Let Everything Be Exactly As It Is when I began some significant progress escaping from the web. The first shift in perception:  what was happening-was happening-regardless of my reaction to it. If I didn’t like what was happening, I could, have an intense diatribe, which would not change what was happening—or I could just ask myself the question, “can I change this?” Following with a more advanced question, “is this mine to change?” Which still didn’t change what was happening-but it sure changed my experience of what was happening.

When I was able to separate the ‘I don’t like that it is happening,’  from  accepting it is happening-I had peace. Pay attention to this-you can accept what is happening without liking it. Ego hates this. Acceptance is the end of persisting through resisting.

Peace brought another layer of Clarity to the tangle in the spider web-nature in fact doesn’t struggle-it’s a complete lie man asserts!

Any comprehensive nature documentary shows us when animals are hungry-they eat (and yes sometimes kill) sometimes there is conflict around mating—but other than these two needs—Nature is harmonious.

Think about that. Nature is harmonious. How can Harmony be hard?

My friend told me she feared the fierce power of the ocean. When I told her the ocean was only turbulent 10% of the time and she had 90% of the time to visit the ocean, she was gobbed-smacked. Her entire life she had thought of huge waves and winds and violent storms when she thought of the ocean.

Just like the nature documentary where we focus only on the killing for food and battling for mates, we miss the 90% harmony.

I want to encourage you to expose this entanglement in the spider-web in yourself. At first you may be shocked to realize that you do have the belief life is hard and you fight the hard—but seeing it, is good news, because it’s operating in you NOW—unconsciously. Advance your practice towards peaceful mind: Let Whatever Happens Be Exactly As It Is.

I’m Happy to report the result is a Harmonious life, which prospers sustainably.

In my next post I’ll speak about how this Spiritual Teaching specifically applies to money.

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Guilty Giving

October 19th, 2010

When ever I do a workshop on boundaries and I speak of the blessing “no and yes” I point out  Jesus said, “let your no be no and your yes be yes.” The teaching is NOT yes is better than no, or if you say no you are a bitch. The teaching is simply “be clear” –say what you mean and mean what you say.

It’s almost indescribable the ‘yeah, buts” that erupt. Egos will use any excuse to be a victim. Polite and nice are just two of its minions. “I can’t be rude!” the ego chorus sings.

We are conditioned to create rules around not saying what we think or feel.  Of course this is dead wrong. Pain and suffering will ensue for everyone-absolutely everyone, if you do not express what is occurring inside you—appropriately. We are not meant to be unkind. We don’t need to be unkind to express what we want to say.

Yet, I’d like for you to consider the insidious voice of the ego mind. Does it not tell you that speaking up would be unkind?  “You can’t say that! That would be mean!”

Pull back from the situation and you can see the truth: if it isn’t working for you it isn’t working for the ‘other’-period. It’s the law of Giving and Receiving. You can’t receive something laced in resentment and not get the resentment. You can’t give something tentatively, with out IT being tentative.

“Let your no be no and your yes be yes”

Melissa invited her friend to share in her antique business. They announced they were co-owners and each ‘owner’ began showing their talent for the business. Melissa for marketing and publicity and the friend in the details of minding the store. Fast-forward a few months and there are problems galore: the friend was doing things with out consulting Melissa-from contracts, to what items they sell-and Melissa felt she should be consulted-on everything.

When Melissa asked me for help I told her the problem was nothing she mentioned. The real problem? Melissa gave the friend something she didn’t mean to: half of the business. The business is HERS. It was her father’s before that. Melissa wants the friend to defer to her in all matters, so she is offended by all of the friends initiative.

It happened in a split second for Melissa. The friend had once again allowed Melissa to lean on her-bailing her out of time conflicts; the friend ‘worked’ the store all weekend so Melissa could attend to personal matters. Melissa noticed the friend always sold a great deal (“she has such a talent for design!” Melissa would say) when she worked. Melissa mused how she needed a partner, appreciated how the friend always knew how to work with customers and she wondered if she was interested in being the partner she needed?

“Oh! MY! God! – Really? I’d Looooovvvvveee to” the friend screamed. They hugged, jumped up and down, hugged again.

With in minutes Melissa’s stomach was in a knot. She figured it would all work out when they spoke about the details.

For the friend, the details included how much she had done for Melissa in the past-for free. She believed Melissa’s gesture was reciprocation for the years of commission-free sales preformed.

Inventory the times you’ve ‘helped’ someone. The times they have helped you: how often do you feel ‘owed’ or that you ‘owe’ someone?

If you don’t have a strong no, then you have a wishy-washy yes.

“Yes, I can help, how much will pay me?” is a far cry from wishy-washy “yes”. The implication is the answer is ‘no’ with- out pay.

“Let your no be no and your yes be yes”

I respect and admire Melissa, she wasn’t interested in being a victim. She practically finished my sentence when I said, “the real problem is it’s your business and you”… “ gave her half” Melissa chimed in.

“Oh, crap. This means I have clean-up to do” Melissa sighed.

“How wonderful you have the ability to do the clean up!” I joyfully replied

The funny thing is when Melissa was honest with the friend about what had happened and said she needed to make amends and set things right-the friend was soooo relieved. She didn’t realize the obligations of being in a business and wanted to handle the ‘show room’ sales-but nothing else. They made an agreement –put it in writing this time. Now, two years later are humming along-with Melissa’s store and the friend’s sales savvy.

Your “no” and your “yes” are a blessing. Use them that way. You will be blessed.

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Moth to the Flame of Drama?

October 13th, 2010

At a recent event there were drama queens at the next table. They were loud, flirting with the inappropriate– but mostly they were vampires. I could hear the sucking sound of the energy of others as it left their bodies and was fed upon by these energy vampires.

Observing the moths to flame at my table, it occurred to me that every person at my table thought of themselves as cultivating a spiritual practice. Yet, not one of them would define their attention to the queens as drama in and of itself.

If you are wondering how I know, I asked them. When I asked them if they thought of themselves as moths to flame, the unanimous “Oh! My! God!” interrupted the queen’s latest drama.

How is it possible that we can be living a conscious life, improving on it day by day and still get sucked into drama?

Here’s what I came up with:

1.     You don’t think you do drama, so you don’t even watch for it

2.    You compare yourself to other drama queens and think, “I’m not at all like them.”

3.     Not enough vigilance toward that sucking of energy feeling (which each person at the table could articulate within their bodies-usually the sternum or the neck)

4.   Not understanding you can just say no to it.

Backlash came at number 4. “How can we say no to something we can’t control-other people?” they all cried.

I asked them to watch for a moment as I experimented. I went over to the next table and after about 3 minutes of friendly conversation, I learned there were two getting a divorce, four with children in college, and their word for their time together was ‘fun.’

I asked them if they thought they were disturbing the tables around them with their ‘fun.’ “Oh, we are always loud –every time we get together.” Was the answer. “How wonderful you have fun, but I asked if you thought you might be disturbing the tables around you.”

Silence. I looked from person to person at the table, making eye contact, looking for the spokes-person (every tribe has one).

Then, the spokes person began apologizing to me. I kindly stopped her and said I was doing some research. And I really, really wondered if they could help me out:  each person answer the question, “do you think you are disturbing the tables around you?”

Their unanimous answer: Yes. They knew coming into the event they would be having ‘fun’ and their fun ‘spills’ over. I asked knowing about the spill-over effect, why did they do it anyway? “Because no one has ever said a thing to us.”

I want you to let that sink in a moment. “Because no one has ever said a thing to us.”

Then I asked if they knew any drama queens. Naturally, the drama started again while they recited everyone they knew. Not one person they mentioned was seated at the table with them.

Clearly these people lie to themselves. Just like you and I do. The difference is just in degrees. It’s easy for me and my tribe to see the drama of the ostentatious queens. Just like it was easy for the queens to name other more ostentatious drama queens.

None of us think we do drama. I want you to let that sink in a moment.

You know drama queens, but you do not do drama. How is this possible?

You can only be a moth to the flame of drama, if in fact you do drama. It has to be in you to see it in others.

Everything is my teacher-including drama and drama queens. Being a good student means I’m willing to see my own drama. The more I say no to drama-the more I see!

This is one of my stand-by practices: mapping. You can map anything, and in this case it’s drama. Keep a punch list of each time you saw drama around you, and each time you caught yourself in drama. Do this for just 7 days, you’ll see what I mean.

The point of this practice? Drama is an energy leak. You play a part assigned to you mostly by another, on a dimly lit stage. Plug the energy leak and you choose the roles in which Spirit shines through -on a brightly list stage.

If all you can do is map the times you were a moth to flame (TV is especially good at this sucking energy) you’ll be more peaceful and powerful in this world of form.

I promise you, on a pile of burnt moth wings.

If you are ostentatious enough to map for 7 days, I’d love for you to email me your epiphanies.

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