Sustainable Prosperity
Aligning Spirit and the World of Form


Karen is an Author, Speaker, Psychologist, Economist, Mother to three boys, Wife, CEO of a company or two, wine enthusiast and unabashed tree hugger. Karen teaches Sustainable Prosperity: a way of living in the world with Power, as opposed to force. Karen works with individuals and companies to get out of their own way.

You can purchase a copy of Karen’s book here: or at ( it is cheaper on the her web site!)

“I thought I knew a lot. In one sense I did. I knew about the “monkey mind” world. Karen showed me I had gone as far with the force way of doing things as possible. I have been working in Power mode for almost a year now. I have to say, it is an entirely different world now. I am beginning to bring my tangible results (better health, finances, joy, relationships) from my own life into my work place. WOW! The results we are getting are terrific (and in this economy!) I am eternally grateful”.

John P. Princeton, NJ.