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An Open Mind is an Honest Mind


We seem to pride ourselves on having open minds.

When it comes to what we need to examine, we tend to ask too few questions. Sadly, we omit the “good questions”—those that stretch us out of our comfort zone.

We also lie to ourselves about the problem—a lot. We shape the story with each re-telling so our perception is more limited with each rendition.

Most of our thinking is lying to our own ears.

We’re approaching the third anniversary of our 2008 near-miss depression.

What has changed?

Fundamentally, nothing.

The system that created the problem is still in charge. And, to make matters worse, the focus is still politics—not sustainability.

Our financial systems still operate by putting corporations ahead of people. While a person’s goal is employment, a corporation’s goal is profit. Corporations see people as competitors—for their profits. Jobs “take a bite out of our revenues.”

This is why job numbers aren’t improving dramatically.

We’re consuming one and a half times the world’s resources. The better we get at measuring this consumption, the more we ask the limited question, “When will we run out of earth?”

Really? That’s a quality question?

I think not.

To attain financial improvement, guess what the old system declares we must do?

Move our consumption from one and one half times to three times the earth’s resources. You know, run out of planet sooner.

Really? Is this the thinking of an open mind?

What intelligent, sane person would floor the gas peddle on the car upon seeing the brick wall down the road?

The truth is always simple. You are either part of the problem or part of the solution.

What’s the first thing you can do to be part of the solution?

Stop lying to your own ears.

The truth is we need a new economy. One that is based upon renewable and recyclable resources, not consumption. An economy that puts employment as it’s goal-not profits for corporations.

The truth is this is easier to do than you think:

Instead of investing blindly—invest in companies that put employment and sustainability first.

Invest your money in community banks that loan only to local community members.

Write your elected representatives and tell them to enforce the legislation that forces banks to provide modifications of mortgages (most intelligent folks do not realize the impact upon our economy the lack of compliance with the law is causing. Your house would be worth fifteen to twenty five percent more if the banks were forced to comply with the laws)

VOTE for those representatives that “get it” –the connection between the economy and our environment—both need to be sustainable for people.

Notice the lies you tell yourself about why these things are “so hard.” Just notice the lies you tell your own ears.  “I’m so busy, when will I find the time.” “I’m not really into conflict, so I stay away from politics.” “Someone else is working on this…”

Notice the lies are mutually exclusive to being an intelligent, sane person.

The truth is you can’t be a powerful person in your life, and in the world if you lie to your own ears.

The truth is an open mind, is an honest mind—and it doesn’t lie.




2 Responses to “An Open Mind is an Honest Mind”

  1. avatar Janie says:

    How about an economy, a country and culture that values “making a Living” as a goal? Living is so much more than what is reduced to “employment” by current standards.

  2. avatar Karen says:

    Janie, your comment is spot on. It’s perhaps another post of it’s own–but the reality is companies like Wal-mart and fast food franchises who pay minimum wage to part time workers do so to avoid providing benefits–keeping more profits for the corporation. AND no one can live on minimum wage at full time work–a family of 4 would still be below the poverty line. Blessings, Karen