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Money and BlueBirds-They Are More Alike Than You Think

Wednesday, April 28th, 2010

I have bluebirds! But according to all the experts I shouldn’t. I don’t do “anything” right to attract them. My yard is more trees than grassy open spaces they supposedly prefer and I have birdhouses I like, not the ones the experts say the birds like.

My bluebirds also hatch two clutches a year. Not just one, which according to the experts is what they do.

When the bluebirds first arrived I made what could have been a major mistake: I got a book on bluebirds and I went online to see what all the experts had to say about them.

In my investigation, I realized the experts knew something about their bluebirds, but they didn’t know me or my yard or the unique microclimates I must have.

Thank God for intuition- what I like to call the Voice for God.

I didn’t try to fix anything after I read their theories and what worked for them, because I realized the bluebirds were happy and didn’t need fixing. I also found that blue bird populations were declining-not increasing-it was prudent to question the experts expertise.

So how are the bluebirds like your money?

If you are not grounded and centered any information about your money isn’t going to be applicable to you personally. Your unique situation, and your desires are yours to manage.

Like bluebirds, humans have a remarkable ability to adapt.  Un-centered, listening to experts you may miss any unconventional success you have and likely try to fix something that isn’t broken.

Not only has the world changed so much in the last few years—it’s going to change even more. There is no stable place, just like the bluebirds grassy open fields have disappeared.

You can do what the bluebirds did-be happy anyway and make a new place in the new world, or you can stay in the hands of experts, who’s bluebird population is declining.

Your ability to thrive is a direct correlation of your ability to adapt. This is not the same as resilience experts preach.

In 2006 I wrote a very harsh critique of big banks, the mergers and the shell game that is played with your money –especially your 401K and IRA’s.

I also said that I would be taking my money out of the market and investing like the bluebirds—habituating outside the realm of where the experts say I should be.

Yes, I look freekn’ brilliant now. But then? The blowback was harsh and it ended many relationships with clients who were big banks.


I believe the truth is you are your own expert. Doesn’t matter if you want the job or not-it’s yours.

Take a look at the current banking situation and you will notice a few facts:

  1. Nothing has changed in the banking system. No new rules, no new enforcement behind the current rules
  2. The full losses of hidden toxic assets have not been taken on the banks balances sheets, they are waiting for re-packaging so you can buy them
  3. New ways have already been invented to continue the same debacle with CDO’s of MBS –so even if you avoid the current stock of toxic debt, new is being made in emerging markets
  4. Government is still attempting to solve the problem without really addressing the problem

The rigged parlor game didn’t work too well for most folks in 2008.

I can guarantee you it won’t work for anyone in 2012.

Despite all of this I believe you can thrive.  Like the bluebirds, boldly go into the new world, eyes wide open, centered and tethered to the knowledge you can adapt.

It’s your choice. You can play the same rigged game hoping for different results or play your own game.

Spirit would have you notice ego tendencies to play small, be a victim and scream “it isn’t fair” and “someone should”.

What should you do?

It’s self-evident: Invest in your values, the kind of world you want to see. If you want to be green, find a green company whose product you thoroughly vet, whose management is transparent and you vet and moreover, be your own expert at all times.

Your alternative is to leave it to the experts who think the answer is for you to be resilient. Experts who think it’s wonderful that the DOW is back above 11,000-even though nothing has changed and it’s an artificial number, inside an artificial balloon, bound to burst-just like it always has before.

Here’s to your brilliance at adapting.