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Practical Application Working with the Energy of Money

Wednesday, January 27th, 2010

I had noticed a member of my technical support team was not her usual self. Amy was curt, and ill tempered. After a short period of time I inquired if everything was okay.

Amy’s answer concerned banks, and I knew instantly from key words Amy used, she was  in the throws of trying to get a modification of her mortgage.

It gave me pause, as I am a wizard when it comes to knowing about financial systems and their intricate workings. These workings are the details of ‘money skills’ I teach after one has learned the emotional and spiritual skills about the energy of money. Amy’s circumstance is exactly why I teach, the way I do: unlearning first, then relearning emotional and Spiritual skills.  More over, Amy reads what I write-she’s commented on what I write and has not asked for help.

I asked Amy if she wanted help, she said, “That would be great!” Then I asked her to carefully consider why she had not asked for help long before what looked like to her the 11th hour. This was the ‘homework’ I assigned her.

As Amy pondered her homework question and gathered up the documentation necessary for me to assist her she became increasingly astonished at two things: help was in front of her all along, and it never occurred to her to ask for the help.

“I have a degree from MIT for Christ sake!” she exclaimed when we spoke the following day. “How is this possible?”

Amy is an excellent example of the self-inflicted suffering with-in the human condition: overly programmed to see the linear aspect of life. From birth, through your education (with rare exceptions) to your job-it is a progression of linear thought. In Amy’s case she was so busy complying with providing the requested paper: spread sheet on expense? No problem she is an excel wizard. Copy of bank statements? No problem she has them.

Spiritual Practice allows us to unhook and ask the question, “What is this for?” Amy is no different than any of us. Along the way of  indoctrination in linear thought, (request/comply) something dreadful happens-we think we are good discerners of cause and effect. We think if we comply with a request, there will be a certain specific effect. We falsely tie two data points together and are upset by the lack of desired result.

Amy and her partner Sam, thought their problem was a lay off, and they lacked enough money to pay the mortgage. Then when the mortgage was hard to pay on one salary, and they fell behind, they relied on the Bank to give them quality information about modifications and followed the banks directions on how to apply.

In their minds, cause was the layoff and effect was the hard to pay mortgage and resulting frustrations.

In reality, the cause was the limitations of their thinking. Sam had been getting ‘clues’ about his companies instability for a while. They even discussed Sam beginning to consult ‘on the side’-just in case. So here it was, the blessing from the Universe (and it never fails to bless) in the form of an idea, and because of the linear thinking (I don’t have time, I have a job, lets wait and see) it was dismissed. The Universe is so kind, it put more hints in front of Sam:  “you should start a consulting company,” said friend at a gathering. Sam’s response? Yes, you guessed it-back to the linear thinking-all the reasons why he couldn’t.

The truth does set you free-but it usually pisses you off first. Sam and Amy were no exceptions. Having done their homework, Amy and Sam were now willing students to see themselves and the situation differently.

In their case these were their action steps:

*Well-worded letter to the president of the bank listing the banks infractions against the new legislation. Sent to his private email address.

*A copy of their profile run in the software the law requires every lending institution that received TARP money to use in assessing modifications (banks keep this software a secret!) clearly demonstrating they qualify.

*Complaints to the three appropriate State and Government entities who over see the banks detailing the violations.

The result is a response from the Executive Resolution team of the bank, apologizing for the problem, overseeing the proper implementation of the modification, and termination of the foreclosure proceedings.

If you are thinking to yourself, that sounded way to easy. Then you are trapped in linear thinking. Your power in your life here in Earth School is dependent on one thing: being willing to evolve, and escape the limitations of your thinking. It’s the hardest thing I know to do.

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Finding Spiritual Principal in the Small and Not-So Mundane

Saturday, January 23rd, 2010

Sustainable Prosperity and Shoes

Who isn’t a shoe nut?  Some of us could go broke on shoes alone-part architecture, part personal statement it’s easy to understand the shoe fetish.  While shoes may seem trivial to discuss in the face of Principles, an accomplished practitioner applies Principle to the big as well as the small; knowing every thing counts and the Universe sees it all. It’s the practice of Principles that gives us the prosperous life we want.

When we are faced with a ‘must have’ pair of shoes, it’s very hard to remember any kind of basic Spiritual Principle. The first handy one to whip-out: the accoutrements do not make the person-rather the person makes them. Nothing you could ever buy will make you better, or change who you really are. Centered in the Truth that you are not deficient, apply these Spiritual Principles:

Be Aware, Be Honest and Discern:

Discern between need and want. Be honest with yourself. You do not ‘need’ the shoes. You ‘want’ the shoes. With this honest insight, the urgent nature that overcomes many while shopping is dispelled.  You are free to shop the sales, clearances, ‘racks’, ‘basements’ and over-stock resellers for something that works for your wardrobe and complimenting you. Desperation is the devil-tell it to ‘get thee behind me’. If you do not have a practice of awareness, you’ll believe your own thinking when you say, “I need those shoes!”

Giving and receiving are part of the same Energetic Loop-everyone in the Loop must be blessed:

Everyone includes the workers who manufactured and assembled the product. Keep a card in your wallet of manufactures to stay away from. No matter what you will not buy their brand for their practices. Use the power of your word to give feedback to the stores, “did you know this brand uses children labor to achieve these low prices?” Affirm your unwillingness to vote your energetic dollars in support of any company with inhumane practices. How do you know which companies have what practices? Check out these websites:

Responsibility: Use what you do have well:

Appreciate, and be grateful for what you do have. This allows you think about proactive maintenance. Waterproof your shoes, clean them with the proper cleaner, polish, shine—you name it-take care of them. Make them last longer by adding gel inserts or purchasing quality to begin with. I have a pair of Farragimo pumps, handmade, from Italy-cost a fortune. They are 10 years old and you would never know it.  I’d have spent 3 times the money over tens years on replacing the cheaper shoes. Go for the long haul and quality. Tell yourself, “I can’t afford cheap”.

There is always flow:

I keep my wants in mind and buy with the flow. My running shoes are a good example: I can buy great quality name shoes at the overstock outlets, or  savings on the clearances ahead of the need. I recently bought the same pair of athletic shoes I saw for 129.00 in July, for 49.00. I won’t need these shoes for another 4 months or so-but 4 months in a box won’t change their usefulness to me.

Finally: Always remember the most Sustainable product is the one you never bought in the first place. If you can’t name off the top of your head at least 5 outfits/uses for your prospective shoes, slow your roll. Walk away, let yourself clear your system of the initial stimulus. Put them on hold if you have to, but 60 minutes later you won’t be ‘dying’ for the shoes.

Hopefully by now you have guessed these basic Principles are to be applied to all area’s of our life-big and small. It’s all about the practice of the Principles, not reciting them. Substitute Shoes for anything you want, and practice. You’ll be blessed-I promise.

Quiet Mind and Peaceful Heart

Saturday, January 9th, 2010

I spoke with someone recently that I had not spoken to in almost 20 years. Other than annual Holiday card exchanges we had lost touch—like you can when life is going mach six.

Our conversation quickly revealed we were in the past, “are you still riding horses I asked?” No, my friend had stopped about 18 years ago and my question jolted her memory, “oh, yea I remember that old horse!” she said. I was asked if I finished school, “you mean earth school?”  I laughed. “No,” she said, “You had just started getting your doctorate in psychology.” Ooops. It was such a distant memory.

We quickly settled in to conversation, and I was acutely aware—because the voice in my head was loud and clear about it—we were talking ‘about’ us, as opposed to the Authentic us.

It’s a bad habit, the earth school equivalent of the prisoner of war’s “name rank and serial number”: your marriage status, children, job/position/title, location of home(s).

Ultimately, we must admit we only know how to talk about ‘stuff’ and ‘things’: all of them transitory and none of them having to do with the eternal nature of who we are.

I know my best sustaining friendships come from discussing how I am attempting to bridge the gap created by existence on earth school and Who I really Am.

lucy-ethelAfter the preliminary minutes of ‘chit-chat’ I asked my friend if she remembered when we would spend hours contemplating the nature of life and our place in the Universe. She said, “Oh, God, I misses those days.”

“I do too”, I said. And we laughed. In a matter of seconds we were sharing, from the bottom of our hearts about lessons learned, wisdom gained and grace received.

The Synchronicity of our conversation was a great gift from the Universe. She had ended a long relationship that was not blessing her or her partner. And I was in the middle of choices for my work, which road to follow and who to partner with, if anyone.

I, of course had long written the book on ending relationship that was not a blessing. It is familiar ground for me. And she, being the author of several books, in various formats was very familiar with my choices.

So we reminded each other of Who we really Are. How we show-up, with our compassion and intelligent questions of life, and most of all our willingness to try to Love it all anyway.

We had giggles over our monkey mind and it’s cleverness, we gave each other tips on monkey mind conversation, and gave power to our deepening awareness.

What transpired was the rare gift of Rising Above the noise of earth school living by deep conversation consciously sought. Buoyed by this renewal of our hearts and minds we basked in the Peace and Quiet that came from moving beyond what we do, to the reasons why we do what we do: expressing our Authentic Self

Ah,  Peaceful Mind and Quiet Heart. Soul smiles, Spirit Soars, thank you God.