About Karen Monroy

Karen guides clients to clarity and awareness.  All of our conditions and circumstances, including money is the content of life. We, as the container shape the content. Karen has been a lifelong student in Finance, Business, Psychology and Spirituality. She has her PhD in Psychology, and Masters in both Business and Economics. She has authored the books: "Sustainable Prosperity" "Mommy, What Is Rich?" and "Prosperous Action, Expanding Your Authentic Power-or Recovering from The Law of Attraction Hype”


Financing, Real Estate, Investments/Savings—all are tools to build the life you desire. Unfortunately, with the current level of noise inside your own Being, it is hard to filter the other noise in the world. We also have old beliefs controlling us in regards to money, love, sex, passion-beliefs we are unaware of.  Our lack of awareness sabotages the Sustaining nature of Life.

Unlearning our programming involves entering into a mystery -- "the uncharted territory of your authentic self". Within this unexplored interior is a paradox. The opinion of the ego ("ego stands for edging god out") and the perception of the ego is necessary only so that we can transcend it to our real "mind," or what has been called "Oneness," "Beingness," "the Christ mind," "the Buddha nature," "Presence" or "Shakina."

Embracing this duality, the opposing nature within our own minds, helps us achieve Sustainable Prosperity in the three necessary areas:

1. Earth Money Skills (financing, credit, taxes, and investments)
2. Emotional Skills (our learned, conscious and unconscious thinking and feelings)
3. Spiritual Skills (working with the essence of who we are, our purpose in life)

While all of the statements below are True, their practice is what  makes them Real:

  • We are all One.
  • Love is the only Real Power.
  • Happiness is a decision we make.
  • We are always choosing the world we are creating with our Thoughts.
  • Everything has only the power that we give it.
  • We operate under no laws but Gods.
  • A mind can not serve two Masters.
  • We are to be in the world, not of it.
  • We are all afraid of our Real Power.
  • Awareness, Forgiveness are for our own salvation.

If you have read enough books, and been to enough workshops, the above will seem familiar to you. By meeting my clients where they "are," we begin to put into practice the spiritual principles that moves them to the life of prosperity and joy and love they desire.

We usually begin with "awareness builders" and "power drains" and "money meetings."

I encourage you to read some experiences from other clients to see if this process resonates with you.